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Just 'You wanted to have a baby.' " (Grisham counters that Mr. Trump was "very warm and supportive throughout her pregnancy.") As for how the couple communicates, this story from The Truth About Trump author Michael D'Antonio is... interesting: "He begged her to praise him [to me] as a husband . . . . Literally, he said, 'Tell him I'm a really good husband.' She looked at him, and he repeated himself. And she said, 'Yeah, he's a really good husband.' It was being dragged out of her," says D'Antonio. Then she repeated a story D'Antonio had already heard from Trump: Tom Cruise once called Donald to see if he could use the Wollman skating rink in Central Park (which Trump had renovated with much fanfare in 1986) during off-hours. Donald was very flattered that the actor had called him personally - but Melania pointed out, "Oh, but, Donald, you're more famous than he is." Trump seemed to feel that this story was "an example of their affection," recalls D'Antonio. "Praising his fame, hyping his fame, was a wifely duty.

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